“JOB: The Now Testament” 2-CD Set


2-CD Set – Exciting new musical by John Angotti. The story of JOB comes to life, as you follow this amazing production, with dynamic voices and instrumentation.

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2-CD Set


In the opening scene, the characters are gathered, discussing the world’s problems and their own individual sufferings. Tormented by the state people are forced to live in, Aaron laments to God, but his sickness leaves him exhausted. His friend Rev hears his lament and enters the room. He tells Aaron that he will stay with him while he rests and tell him a story that may help him with his struggle. As Aaron falls asleep the story of JOB unfolds. Aaron dreams and becomes JOB and each cast member becomes a character from the book. As Aaron awakes from his dream he reveals to his family and friends what he has learned as he now enters into the final mystery of his life.


It was about 15 years ago when the story of JOB came to me. I wrote a version of it quickly but was never settled on the ending. A few years after I began to write it, my father passed away. Then a year or so later, my sister lost her son in a motorcycle accident. Less than a year from that tragedy, my brother lost his only son, who was hit by a car. The JOB story continued to pursue me but I still struggled with the ending. In the biblical story, JOB received more material wealth and had more children. I thought to myself: Once you lose a child, you never get over it. The questions that can’t be answered are:

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” and “Where is God when there is innocent suffering?”

In these questions, the story of this production finds its roots. How do people deal with innocent
suffering, especially the loss of a child? With so many cultures, views and walks of life, there are few things in the world that truly connect all mankind. However, we are united by the fact that everyone suffers. If we embrace our sufferings and gather together in them, that fellowship can bring healing and love. The Book of JOB helps us to see through the eyes of those who suffer unjustly, and that love changes everything.


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