Rise UP My People  | John Angotti

Rise Up, My People CD (Full Album)


Rise Up, My People, a John Angotti classic music project. Moving melodies and up-lifting tones, to bring you even closer to an experience of spiritual praise and worship. Everyone loves this album of solid Christian music with a healthy foundation of the Living Word. 

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  1. Alleluia! Sing to Jesus
  2. Mass of Rejoicing: Kyrie/Gloria
  3. Mass of Rejoicing: Lamb of God
  4. Mass of Rejoicing: Memorial Acclamation
  5. Mass of Rejoicing: Holy, Holy
  6. Sing Alleluia
  7. I Will Rise and Go to My Father
  8. On A Journey Together
  9. He is Risen
  10. I Send You Out
  11. Everlasting Love
  12. Rise Up, My People
  13. Sing Hosanna to Our King
  14. Mass of Rejoicing: Great Amen


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