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Stand In The Light CD (Full Album)


Stand In The Light, Angotti’s recording featured as the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress 2007 theme song Stand in the Light, along with 11 other  powerful tracks. This recording is a sharing of songs that are true testimonies of John’s own awakening moments and songs that will lead any listener to the realization that our vocation is to love one another and our salvation is only through the cross. You’ll absolutely love John’s renditions of Jesus Is Just Alright and Show Me the Way.

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  1. Stand in the Light
  2. Let It Rise
  3. Light of the World
  4. Jesus Is Just Alright
  5. One Love
  6. The Love of Jesus
  7. All Things Are Possible Listen
  8. Building the Kingdom of Heaven
  9. Show Me The Way
  10. Winds of Change
  11. God Is
  12. Water from the Rock


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